Website of Dave and Helen Damouth.Charging truck battery packs from your pull automobile Alternator.

Website of Dave and Helen Damouth.Charging truck battery packs from your pull automobile Alternator.

Battery charging Truck Battery Packs From Pull Means Alternator

Dave and Helen Damouth.

A constant thing in RV groups includes the potential for utilizing the pull car’s system and electrical technique to recharge truck battery. (an identical problems is out there in motorhomes, with immense distinctions as a result of the much less road between alternator and residence battery).

A standard tow car or truck, case in point my favorite 1996 avoid memory 2500 Hi-def, keeps a 130 amp alternator. Typical energy use within your truck is far less, exiting enough unwanted convenience of charging trailer electric batteries. However in concept, i came across that I managed to get just about 5 amps of battery-charging if your truck battery had been reasonable, and much less than whenever the power packs are charged to above about 70per cent of ability.

The poor charging is because of the voltage lower in the long term of slim wire from the vehicle alternator into the trailer battery pack probably about 25 foot.

One remedy for the current drop problem is to set up heavier weight line. Another option would be to setup twin alternators, or a solitary alternator with dual outputs – the 2nd productivity can be used with an independent voltage regulator to effortlessly recharge the truck battery. Let me negotiate both options:

a thicker wires: we picked it, and made use of 64 base of no. 2 welding wire, to perform from the truck system’s alternator returning to the good terminal for the trailer battery, immediately after which from the unfavorable terminal associated with the energy to an excellent system ground for the trucks. Some of the details listed here are specific to my avoid, nevertheless the general way should hire any means.

Regarding the Dodge, as shipped within the manufacturer, discover a power delivery box on top of the left controls perfectly. This field consists of some weighty connection devices and a few big fuses and relays many different pick-up circuits. The asking wire from your alternator around the power moves through this package. It absolutely was a convenient place to connect simple brand new hefty truck getting charged wire, together with have room to shoehorn in another fuse for that latest cable.

Inside this field, I operated a few inches of weighty wire within the terminal in which the alternator line happens to be bolted, connected to one ending of a unique 80-amp fuse. (This fuse is a touch black cube with tabs for attachment screws for each side – in any automobile components stock.)

From other end with the fuse, I went welding line to an electric battery exchange, that I bolted to the lower of this electric battery support segment, against the controls actually.

Within the productivity terminal regarding the exchange, we ran welding wire all the way down and along side structure on the vehicle to the straight back, wherein it comes down up from your structure just under the put side of the tailgate, and runs a 18″ or so clear of the bumper.

The adverse cable within the power are bolted within the engine block, down reasonable outside of the forward. I went welding line from this exact same bolt back down the frame, after the the exact same road because beneficial cable.

Where the two wires turn out at the back, these are typically ended in common welding cable tv connections. (But find out know below). When not in use, this pair of cables relax beautifully in a crack between your bumper plus the human anatomy, inside the core underneath the end entrance.

Inside trailer, heavy cable works from each terminal with the battery packs to our main electric batteries circulation package, which I installed on the front wall structure on the trailer, inside a kitchen area cupboard (just as many traveling trailers, the power packs happen to be external, regarding framework contrary to the top of this truck – your circulation package try directly behind the electric batteries, but around, right out the temperature). This circulation box retains a battery gulf alter, some larger terminals exactly where all trailer electrical power attaches, multiple fuses for circuits that do not have the fuse section furthermore during the truck, and large current-measuring shunt, which is certainly from inside the damaging area of the power supply circuit.

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